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I Kissed a Phillie! Okay, Maybe That's a Stretch

I attended a clinic for members of our local little league that featured Scott Sheridan, the head trainer for the Philadelphia Phillies. It was a seminar designed to introduce coaches, trainers, and parents to the methods of conditioning young pitchers. To my disappointment, the majority of the clinic was run by local people who, although they were very informative, had never actually touched a Phillie. I was eager to share my coffee breath with someone who had. So, I sat patiently with my son as they started the clinic with warm up exercises, complete with hot young men to demonstrate. But my attention spiked when the speaker told us the next exercises were designed to “…open those hips.” Instantly I knew I was in the right place. I fought the urge to volunteer. Then they showed us drills that were important for achieving optimal cocking position. I can’t even comment. They explained that it’s important to work the non-dominant side equally as hard as the dominant side, and that a pla