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My Prediction: The Phillies Should Continue to Barely Lead the NL East

My friend, Dave, got this message on his Fitbit: "I hope that was 10,000 steps. If not, you're about to go blind."

I wonder if George Jetson got jerked around like that by Rosie.

Sometimes a joke is about the right choice of words. That means some of you got that and some of you will be dumbfounded until Tuesday.

That's okay. Stream a few episodes of The Bachelor and your brain will again cease to function.

So, I broke my toe. This makes the fact that Donald Trump is still President that much more annoying. 

And the fact that the Brewers left Milwaukee to show the Phils what a top-tier offense looks like, is as disappointing as a Philly cheesesteak made with real cheese.

That shit should come from cows in a can.

Like real food.

By the way, the Phillies are the worst team leading a division. The NL East also boasts the worst team in baseball. You can count the Marlins' wins on two hands and this includes a whopping 1 of their last 10. 

They've become the team you want …