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The Cure for a Trade Hangover

by Cindy Falteich There was a sign over my grandma’s stove that read: KISSIN’ WEARS OUT COOKIN’ DON’T Even at a young age, I knew I was in trouble. At five, I’d done neither. Now I do neither well. Speaking of things I do poorly… I’ve been blogging for almost three years.  That’s a year longer than my husband has experienced satisfying sex. Okay, maybe I’m giving myself too much credit. That’s at least two years longer than I thought he’d experience satisfying sex. It’s a sad state of affairs when you have the propensity to do well but your performance has slacked off. In some parts, it’s a common phenomenon known as marriage. In others, it’s the 2012 Phillies.  The team would be set if there was a Viagra for major league baseball players. Well, technically, I guess there is. Just not one that helps them round those bases. As a result, Ruben Amaro, Jr. felt the need to shed payroll. And Shane Victorino and Hunter Pence were sheared like sheep. Before you know