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The Phillies' Slumping Offense: What They Need is a Good Dose of Poe

By Flattish Poe I’m excited that the baseball season is in full swing. My husband was so bored in the offseason, I had to fake a bladder infection just to get some sleep. At first, things for the 2010 division champs looked promising: The February 15th Philadelphia Inquirerheadlined the sports page with a picture of the five aces—an upgrade from the “Bought and Paid Four”. There they sat with name plates in front (like those were necessary) and the words “Spring Training” and the familiar “P” logo splattered across the back like Christmas wrap. Smiling inPhilliesred and displaying a surprisingly low level of male pattern baldness, it was a picture I pondered cropping to make a border for my bedroom. Then again, I ponder a lot of things. Like if I change my profile picture on Facebook to a shot of my backside, does that make it Buttbook? I also wonder why I continue to buy bras—I question the necessity to house something I don’t have. My husband says the same thing about my skull. Hey, at le…